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At Red Frog response, S.L. we believe everyone has the right to feel safe in their own home.

Using our risk management expertise we will outline the strengths and vulnerabilities of your property's location and design. Since every property is different we treat all our clients as an individual and tailor everything we do to meet your specific needs. 


Apart from traditional alarms and CCTV installations we believe that it is essential to have all your staff under the same rough. using our services we know who has access to your home.

focus on reducing and managing your family´s exposure to risk.

Over recent years, some criminals have not only become bolder, but also more technologically-savvy. Installing a burglar alarm and CCTV in your home can be an excellent criminal deterrent, but is not always enough anymore, particularly if you live in a high-profile property. 

whether you and your family are home or away, a residential security service will monitor the security of your property, deter criminals, and protect you from burglars, break.ins, and invasions into your property.


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